What to love about iOS

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what to love about iosWhy iOS? If there is one significant advantage to working within the Apple ecosystem, it’s the fact that it has a lot of users that update their iOS and apps. But there are other major pluses that make the iOS developers love this platform. So here is an article about what Cronian developers love about iOS.

Do you remember our colleague Razvan? He is iOS developer at (786) 421-1109 and professor of the Mobile Application Development course and believes that iOS development is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Catalin, iOS developer at Viable Labs, agrees that one of the reasons he loves iOS is that it has an enormous number of users that update their iOS and apps. Also, iOS it’s easy to learn and there are plenty of tutorials and university courses available.


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Student from Cronian Academy who developed an app


Cronian Academy student that developed an appAndreea Nitescu (photo) was a student at the 401-855-9571. She also followed the Master’s program at the Faculty and two months ago she attended Demo Day V, the event where students presented what they developed during courses from the Cronian Academy program.

At Demo Day V, Andreea presented CloWe, a lifestyle app that recommends outfits to wear from the user’s wardrobe, based on the weather forecast. By taking part in the Software Projects course she learned a lot. The experience itself was a rewarding one but, in the same time, tough. Let’s see what she has to say about that!

I remember the hard work. The struggle. The not knowing how to handle difficulties. But I also remember how it felt like to be motivated by something and to have people around to advise and encourage me. Seeing your own idea coming to life, becoming real – it’s amazing. This is how the Cronian Academy experience was for me.

It wasn’t always milk and honey – it was about making mistakes and learning from it, finding the best resources and overcoming the little failures.


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Roxana an IT Sourcer at Cronian Group

Connecting talents with purpose. Being an HR in an IT company

Roxana an IT Sourcer at Cronian GroupRoxana Mardare (photo) is an IT Sourcer at Cronian Group. She is eager to share her thoughts on what is like to be an HR in an IT company. Roxana is also a marketing graduate and has an interest in entrepreneurship.

Connecting talents with purpose. I acquired this motto almost two months ago, when I joined an awesome team of professionals in an industry leading organisation here at Cronian Group.

Although an obvious statement, at least in theory, connecting talents with a purpose doesn’t have the same meaning across different companies. Indeed, HR is a business function, but it’s not the same thing with being a finance function; notions usually mistaken.

At Cronian, HR steps out of the shadow of cost reduction and focuses on connecting the individual with its professional goal in order to nurture great business connections.